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Update on floods fund raising, and relief and rehabilitation efforts by SANA in Sindh. SANA is a 501(c)3 organization.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SANA Flood Relief Program - News

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Monday, February 28, 2011


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SANA Flood Relief Program - Press Release

Immediate Release
Contact: Asim Kaghzi, Information Secretary

February 24th, 2011

Sindhi Association of North America to Utilize $150K Raised Donations for the Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Farmers in Sindh Pakistan

Garden Grove, CA, Sindhi Association of North America (SANA), a non-profit organization based in USA and Canada announced today of its signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Engro Foundation, Pakistan for the partnership project to rehabilitate farmer communities in District Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan. The Memorandum was signed between Dr Veleed Shaikh, the President SANA and Tahir Jawaid, a Trustee of Engro Foundation.

In Fall 2010, Pakistan faced one of the worst flood in the living history. The flood took the lives of more than 2000 people and livelihood of more than 20 million people in Pakistan. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called a "slow-motion tsunami." Comparing the number of people affected by the floods in Pakistan in 2010, Mr Ki-moon said, "That is more than the entire population hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake, Cyclone Nargis, and the earthquake in Haiti – combined."

More than 10 million people were affected in Sindh, losing their homes, livelihood, villages and loved ones. More than 5000 villages and towns have totally disappeared from the face of the earth. More than 40% of farmland in Sindh is still under water and perhaps will not be ready for planting of next year’s crops. The floods have severely damaged the communication networks and infrastructure in Sindh province.

SANA Flood Relief Committee with the coordination of Dr Aijaz Turk and its members namely, Ms Noornisa Ghaghro, Mr. Jamil Daudi, Dr Saghir Shaikh, Dr Valeed Shaikh and Mr Asim Kaghzi, raised about $150,000 USD with grass root efforts of it members and friends throughout the USA and Canada.

About $24,000 (approx PKR 20 lacs) were sent in Fall 2010 to Sindh Graduates’ Association, an non-profit organization in Sindh, to support of a few relief camps in Karachi.

SANA shall be spending US $124,000 (approx. PKR One Crore) in buying the milk producing livestock to approximately 100 farmers in flood affected villages in District Dadu - one of the worst hit area in Pakistan. It has partnered with Engro Foundation, which shall be responsible for execution of the project and providing the logistic an planning support. A deliberate effort will be carried out to involve women farmers. It is estimated that project of buying and supplying the livestock will be carried out in 3 months. Both SANA and Engro Foundation will jointly monitoring the progress of the rehabilitation for twelve months.

“We wanted to spend major portion of funds in rehabilitation effort, we wanted to help people of flood affected areas rebuild their lives, our goal was to identify a project and a reliable partner, this project of live stock restocking addresses both challenges,” said Dr Valeed Shaikh , the President of SANA.

“In our focus areas of Sindh over 3.5 million livestock have been affected in Kashmore, Shikarpur, Larkana, Jacobabad and Dadu.”, said Mr Jiwan Das, Director Engro Foundation.

Engro Foundation is very wlel placed to carry this kind of project as it has also partnered with USAID, Pakistan for the rehabilitation of livestock in other flood affected areas of Sindh under the project named ‘Khushaal Livestock’ program.

“It is a small contribution for a big disaster but for SANA it is big achievement and we owe this to the victims. It is tragic time for our people in Sindh,” said Dr Aijaz Turk.

“This is a great display of a grass-root effort” said, Ms Noornisa Ghanghro Vice President SANA, “SANA members, friends, and American and Canadians public opened their hearts and wallets to raise these funds. Many individuals and organizations came forward to help,” she added.

It has been reported in International media, that even six months after the worst floods in the history of Pakistan, millions are still in dire need of assistance, and there are new warnings about malnutrition in the worst-hit province, Sindh. But money donated to the prime minister's relief fund has still not been spent.

Dr Maqbool Halepota,General Secretary SANA said that the SANA shall continue raising funds for such projects. The relief and rehabilitation will take years to normalize, added Mr Halepota.

Flood relief work and fund raising campaign updates can be viewed at http://sanafloodfund.blogspot.com/

About Sindhi Association of North America (SANA):
SANA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to unite Sindhis in North America and everywhere; to defend the historic national rights of Sindhi people; to foster friendship and understanding between Sindhis and other nationalities; to educate people about Sindhi Civilization, philosophy, values, language, literature, history and heritage; to carry out educational and relief work in Sindh and other provide resources for Sindhis living in North America. For more information visit http://www.sanalist.org/

About Engro Foundation:
Engro Foundation is committed to growth of sustainable societies in which people have access to choices and opportunities for development. The Foundation serves as a single platform for community engagement activities and social investments of Engro affiliates. By pooling their financial and managerial resources under the Foundation, Engro affiliates seek to create large scale social impact. For more information visit http://www.engro.com/flood/.

SANA Flood Relief Operations - SGA report

Families Male Female Children>5 yr Children <5>

605 797 833 1,326 969 3,925

SGA decided to provide ration (uncooked food) and non-food items (utensils for cooking) to the IDPs.

The following items for cooking purpose were provided to each family of IDPs.

S.No. Name of Article Quantity

01 Lota 01

02 Glass 02

03 Big Plate 01

04 Flour Net 01

05 Big Spoon 02

06 Magha 02

07 Knife 01

08 Bucket 01

09 Small Plate 02

10 Big Plate 02

11 Big Patelli 01

12 Small Patelli 01

13 Para Balian 01

14 Tawa 01

15 Water Coolar 01

16 Tea Cups 02

17 Chattai 01

18 Pillow 02

The following items are being provided to each family of IDP on weekly basis.

S.No. Description Quantity

01 Flour 10 Kg

02 Rice 05 Kg

03 Tea ½ Kg

04 Sugar 05 Kg

05 Oil 05 Kg

06 Milk Powder 01 Kg

07 Red Chilies ¼ Kg

08 Salt 01 Kg

09 Pulse Channa 02 Kg

10 Soap No.101, Bars 02

Besides Hygiene kits, Baby milk, biscuits, mineral water, juices, clothes (new & old), blankets, sewing machines and towels have been provided to IDPs as donated by various philanthropists.

The following expenditure has been incurred on food and non-food items so far:

S.No. Description Amount in Rs.

01 Utensil Purchased 698,125

02 Fire wood 173,200

03 Food/ration 3,794,851

04 Eid ration 79,860

05 Jainamaz 7,550

06 Milk for children 17,160

07 Plastic 9,300

08 Fuel expenses 77,904

09 Shamiana/Kanat for school Est 22,320

10 Skin camp 30,000

11 Sports items 900

12 Vegetable 599,600

13 Water tank for camp 5,600

14 Block for kitchen 6,000

15 Godown rent 10,000

16 Honorium for volunteers 123,200

17 Labour charges 3,500

18 Printing 33,149

19 Transportation charges 80,370

20 Assistance to victims of flood 15,000

21 Vehicle Repair 32,865

22 Communication 18,820

Grand Total 58,39,274

Association pays high regards to the following donors for their generous cooperation and contribution, which we expect to be continued:

(1) Government of Sindh, Cultural and Tourism Department

(2) Sindhi Association of North America ( SANA )

(3) Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN)

(4) Dr. Ziazuddin Shaikh

(5) Madam Naheed Durani

(6) Dr. Zahoor Ahmed

(7) Mr. Abdul Kareem Khadim

(8) Mr. Noor Muhammad

(9) M/s Sirajul-Haq & Co

(10 Mr. M. Jamil Khan

(11 Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Boys Secondary School Karachi

(12) Shah Abdul Latif Trust

(13) Mr. Wazir Ali Pardhan

(14) Dr. Shamsunisa

(15) Dr. Maqsood Soomro and Dr. Shahida Soomro

(16) Justice (R) Deedar Hussain Shah

(17) Mr. Abdul Rahman Shooro

(18) Mr. Yaqoob Bhutto

(19) M/s Sydney Sindhi Association

(20)D. T. Setha

(21)Mr. Abdul Rehman Sial (Zakat)

(22)Ms. A. R. Shoro

(23)Mr. Ghulam Shabir Bhambhro

(24)Madam Surya Memon

(25)Durani Commission Agency

(26)Mr. Amanullah Shaikh

(27)Mr. Bakhsh Ali Lakho

(28)Mr. Bilal

(29)Mr. Faisal Qureshi

(30) SGA-Gulshan- e-Hadeed Branch

(31) SGA-Khipro Branch

(32) SGA Phull Branch

(33) Engr. Zulfiqar Baloch

(34) Mr. Qadir Bakhsh Shaikh (Zakat)

(35) Mr. Irshad Ahmed Siddiqui

(36) Dr. M. Suleman Shaikh (Zakat)

(37) Mr. Amanullah Bhutto

(38) Mr. Abdul Qadir Narejo

(39) Dr. Shama & Family

(40) Mr. Allah Bux Soomro

(41) Mr. Abdul Shakoor Shaikh

(42) Mr. Ravi Kumar

(43) Mr. Mureed Ali Lakho

(44) Mr. Abdul Khalique Shaikh

(45) Mr. Shaukat Ali Memon

(46) Mr. Waqar Patoli

(47) Doctor Raj

(48) Mr. Rafique Ahmed Jafferi

(49) Mr. Murtaza Khan

(50) Mr. Haider Bhai

(51) Madam Shirin Narejo

(52) Ms. Zahida Abbasi, President Karachi Branch

(53) Prof. Saleem Memon

(54) Engr. Chandan Lal

(Wali Muhamamd Roshan)

Secretary General

Sunday, November 7, 2010

SANA Houston Chapter's Successful fund raising Dinner/Musical Eve for Pak Flood Victims

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) Houston Chapter organized a highly successful fund raising event for flood relief efforts in Pakistan on 23rd October at Pakistan Center in Houston, TX. A large number of community members attended the event. They generously participated in the effort making it possible to raise a record amount of $70,000.

Program formally started with the welcome of the guests with Shah Latif and Fiaz Ahmed faiz's poetry. Sikander Baloch and Noornisa Ghanghro conducted the program. Former Vice president of SANA, Jamil Daudi welcomed the guests. SANA president Dr Valeed Shaikh delivered the key note speech. He talked on the flood situation in Pakistan and role of SANA in flood relief efforts. Dr Valeed had specially flown from Minnesota to participate in the event. He said SANA is a non profit organization and it always supports their fellows in the hour of need. He appreciated the efforts of the local committee and urged the participants to generously help in the effort.

President of the Pakistan Association of Greater Horton (PAGH) Khaild Khan was among the guest speakers. He said all Pakistani American community members were gravely concerned at the devastating flood situation. He said his association has already arranged distribution of the items of necessity, medicines, water, milk etc. among the flood affected people. He also pledged $1,000. He appreciated the efforts by SANA.

Former president of PAGH and a prominent local businessman Ghulam Bombaywala also spoke on the occasion. He said Sindhis were very generous people and came to help whenever called upon. He conducted an impromptu auction of 3 Rilhis (Sindhi handicraft quilts) and an ajrak and a Sindhi cap for $6,000. He called upon the participants to donate generously to help their brethren in Pakistan in the hour of the need,

A representative of the Consulate General of Pakistan and a family member of famous American singer and artist late Frank Sinatra were among the participants. A Message from Houston Mayor was read on the occasion.

A documentary on the flood situation was presented on the occasion. It was specially prepared by Mrs. Amina Pathan, Darkhashan Memon and Noorunnisa Ghanghro. It made a huge impact on the participants with tears in many eyes. A smail kid Anshal Brohi read a paper to appeal the audience to generously peledge. President of SANA Flood Relief Fund Dr Aijaz Turk also briefly spoke and recited a Vayee of Shah Latif receiving big applause.

Later a sumptuous dinner was served provided complimentary by Mr. Dhanani of Shiakh Chilli restaurant. Music program started with beautiful poetry of Ustand Bukhari and Ahmed Fraz. The whole presentation was in English, Urdu and Sindhi by Hosts. Jokes segment was presented by a local entertainer named Mike. Singers from Houston and Dallas, Priya, Imran and Parviaz presented beautiful songs to entertain entrain the audience. Sikander Baloch presented Sindhi songs. The program ended with Sindhi traditional Ho Jamalo

Head of the local organizing committee, Ali Pathan thanked all the participants at the end of the program.

Large Number of Pakistani community members from Houston and different cities attended the event. SANA president Dr Valeed Shaikh, president of SANA Flood Relief Fund, Dr Aijaz Turk, former SANA president Aziz Narejo especially came to attend the program. Other people who came from other cities included Umeed Laghari from Lousiana and Sarfaraz Abbasi and Fiazullah Abaassi from Dallas. Sindhi professionals and businessmen of Houston including Imdad Sehar (Attorny), Raees Patoli, Aijaz Almani, Bashir Shahni, Asgher Pathan, Rouf Khan, Anees bhai, Zaib Agha, Talpur family, Nizamni family,Taj,Aziz,Noman,Tariq Nizamani, Waheed Patoli,Raza Shah,Waheed Shaikh,Dr Eisa Bhrugri,Mumtaz Memon,Mumtaz Chang,Amir Bhai,Irfan Panhwar, Brohi family, Nareja family and others attended the event.

Houston Press/Media espcialy coverd this event. They included representatives from Pakistan Post, Pakistan Times, Pakistan Journal, Urdu times, Sangeet Radio, Pakistan chronical, KTN, Mehran TV

Houston Flood Relief Committee members who played active role to making this event successfull included among others chairman, Ali Pathan, Mrs Ali Pathan, Jamil Doudi, Mr & Mrs Mohiuudin Morani, Mr and Mrs Tashfeen Birohi, Noornisa Ghanghro, Sohail Kazi, Akhtar Wako, Abdul Hussain Narejo, Mashooque Mallah, Karim Shaikh, Mr and Mrs Talat Talpur, Mansoor Samo and Sikander Baloch.

Houston Event Raosed > $68,000

Houston Flood Relief Event on October 23, 2010 had very successful. Approximately, $68,000.00 were raised

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fund Raising Event in Houston (October 23rd, 2010)

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, 7:00 pm local time, the local committee for flood relief has arranged a fund raising dinner and musical event for Pakistan Flood Relief, sponsored by SANA. SANA President, Dr. Valeed Shaikh and Dr. Ajaz Turk have graciously offered to join us. Dr. Valeed Shaikh will be the key note speaker. Some local politicians and Pakistani Consul General will join us as well. Some of our local Sindhis and two friends from Dallas have already pledged $35,000.00 and $10,000.00 are expected from a local car dealership with the help of Houston Mayor's office.
We request the Sindhis living in surrounding cities to be part of this event. The event is free for all. A local Pakistani/Indian Restaurant, Shaikh Chillie, has pledged to provide food for 500 to 700 people at no cost. This event will take place in Pakistan Center located at the NE corner of Bissonnet and Dairy Ashford.
Contact Jamil Daudijdaudi713@aol.com